Cane Creek 40-Series Headset – Steuersätze

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All set for rowdy off-road runs, this sleek component features a robust aluminium cup and cover material. This makes it a perfect companion for withstanding all the knocks and bumps associated with intense off-road adventures. Cane Creek has also equipped this brilliant version with a steel crown race construction which adds another layer of toughness to this already rock-solid component. Bearing Types: – ZS44 will take a 41mm bearing – EC44/40 will take a 52mm bearing – EC44/33 will take a 47mm bearing – ZS56 will take a 52mm bearing – IS41 will take a 41mm bearing – IS42 will take a 42mm bearing – IS52 will take a 52mm bearing

Black 9mm cap / IS41/IS52 Tapered

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