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Ultra-Smooth, Reliable Brake Cables The Mountain Pro Brake Kit features Kevlar reinforced outer cables that are compressionless for kink-free, reliable performance and pre-stretched and polished stainless steel inner cables for an ultra-smooth and friction-free action. The inner cables also run through slick-lube liners, ensuring the best performance with fine brake modulation and consistent braking power. Kit Includes: 1 x 3,000mm KEB-SL Kevlar®-reinforced brake housing 1 x 1,500mm Pro slick polished stainless front brake inner cable 1 x 2,800mm Pro slick polished stainless rear brake inner cable 4 x lined alloy end caps 2 x POP alloy end caps 2 x cable tips 2 x 5G tube tops 3 x cable donuts 2 x rotating hooks Technologies: KEB-SL Outer Cable: This high-quality outer cable consists of linear strands that are Kevlar reinforced and wrap around a slick-lube liner. A major performance upgrade to coiled steel, this compressionless housing starts with a similar construction to Jagwire’s LEX shift housing that reduces weight by 30%. The woven Kevlar layer gives the housing the strength and flexibility that is necessary for braking applications. STS-PS Cables: These pre-stretched, slick stainless steel spiral-bound cables undergo a polishing process to further remove imperfections. This creates a smoother surface with lower friction than PTFE-coated cables. With no coating, these are highly durable and compatible with all performance housings and lubricants. Typically used on high-end bikes by riders looking for ultimate performance.

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