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Wind-tunnel tested and developed with elite athletes, the Mistral LW Aero Helmet is a vital piece in your pursuit of performance gains. Kask’s engineering team have created a smooth profile, tested in the wind tunnel so as to give low drag performance across a wide range of head positions. The visor is attached via magnetic closures, maintaining a smooth streamlined fit at all times and making it easy to swap between lens types to suit the riding conditions.  When you’re pushing out the watts comfort is a vital part of optimising performance. And here the Mistral LW uses Tridimensional 3D DRY padding to give a secure and comfortable fit. When upping the pace, 6 micro air intakes, linked by inner channels to 2 exhaust vents, allow cool fresh air in and warm damp air out.  Coolmax® padding dissipates moisture quickly, keeping you cool and comfortable during your efforts. The padding is washable too, ensuring freshness every time. A hypoallergenic and washable chinstrap is also extremely comfortable and helps to avoid skin irritation.  

Schwarz/Rot / L 59-62

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