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When you’ve got a local errand to run or want to beat the traffic about town, the humble bicycle is surely the best, most efficient, and dare we say it, most fun, way to go. And when you’re on the saddle, the Moebius Elite Helmet (WG11) offers superb style and protection.  A tough, scratch-resistant ABS exterior shell ensures it’s robust enough for the daily demands of your busy lifestyle. The elegant lines include front and rear air vents to allow for cool airflow and a detachable synthetic leather peak keeps sun and raindrops out of the eyes while adding the luxury finish that befits the elite title. The Moebius is secured via an eco-friendly synthetic leather chinstrap. It’s both hypoallergenic and washable, making it extremely comfortable and helping to avoid any skin irritation. For rides after dark, a reflective insert to the back provides extra attention-grabbing visibility to other road users.  Merino Wool Comfort The padding of the Moebius Elite utilises the natural comfort, sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial properties of Merino Wool. Made in conjunction with REDA Italy, this padding system maintains a stable skin temperature through high breathability and quick-drying performance. It offers a fresh feel every time you ride.  KASK-exclusive ERGO FIT adjuster Getting the fit of your Moebius Elite helmet right is also quick and simple. The Kask-exclusive ERGO FIT adjuster gives precise adjustment and keeps everything secure, even across the roughest of city roads.  WG11 Safety Protocols The Moebius passes the stringent WG11 safety protocols. This focuses on protection from rotational impact forces, measuring rotational kinematics from both oblique and normal impacts. Passing such protocols ensures you can be sure the Moebius has you covered should you be unfortunate enough to fall from your bike.

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