Kask Protone (WG11) Team Ineos Grenadiers Road Cycling – Helme

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Weighing just 215g and with an innovative wind-tunnel-tested design that optimises both aerodynamics and ventilation, the Protone (WG11) Team Ineos Grenadiers Road Cycling Helmet delivers impressive performance and comfort for racing and training.  Multi In-Moulding Technology KASK has continued to use its Multi In-Moulding Technology to create a polycarbonate cover for the top, base ring and the back of the helmet’s shell. This is joined to the inner polystyrene cap via KASK’s In-Moulding Technology to improve the shell’s shock absorption. Its strengthened frame further reduces the risk of a shock breaking the shell. The three-way evaporation Aerator position at the top of the helmet boosts safety. The top area is reinforced with an internal plastic sub-structure that increases crash protection and helps maintain the helmet’s integrity after impact. WG11 Safety Test The Protone exceeds stringent WG11 testing protocols. This series of scientific-based protocols focus on protection from rotational impact forces, measuring rotational kinematics from both oblique and normal impacts. With these safety protocols adhered to, you can be sure this helmet has you covered should you be unfortunate enough to fall from your bike. 3D Dry tri-dimensional padding The special internal padding is based on an innovative multi-layer open-cell construction process, giving maximum comfort and performance. Ventilation holes reduce the head-to-pad contact surface by 70% compared to standard designs, with 5mm thick padding material that wicks moisture rapidly away from the helmet’s outer shell. CoolMax® material padding The front of the helmet features a highly effective sweat-absorber that is easily removable and washable. The fabric has been treated using the Sanitized® antimicrobial process, preventing bacteria build-up and itchiness. Self-adjusting lateral divider This provides great rider comfort with minimal adjustment required. After putting on the helmet and fastening the chin strap, the divider moves to fit comfortably around the earlobe. The ergonomic design means a great fit for all head shapes and sizes. Kask Octo-Fit The rubberised Micro Dial provides secure finger grip for easy adjustment. Floating cradle contact points combine internal gel pads for optimum comfort and these supports are designed to oscillate freely through 180° allowing a perfect fit on any shaped head. The Skeletal Brackets of the cradle have been designed and refined to provide the best fit and support whilst being as light as possible Chin pad with eco-leather chinstrap The anti-allergy, washable chinstrap is extremely comfortable and helps prevent skin irritation. It incorporates soft lateral spacers, shaped to enable excellent ventilation and avoid that unpleasant ‘sweaty strap’ feeling.

Blue/Red / S 50-56

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