Kask Wasabi (WG11) Team Ineos Grenadiers Road Cycling H – Helme

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The Wasabi (WG11) Team Ineos Grenadiers Road Cycling Helmet has been engineered to be extremely slippery through the air, second only to Kask’s Utopia in wind-tunnel tests, but its key innovation comes via the ability to tailor airflow and aerodynamics to your ride. Aero. Warm. Cool. You Choose The Wasabi Aero tackles heat regulation via an innovative sliding front panel. This lets you maintain low-drag performance as the pace increases or you can boost or restrict airflow as and when needed. Closing the vent keeps your head warmer during colder weather conditions, ideal for winter training and early-season racing. But pop it open when the heat rises and you have more cooling airflow. Even with the sliding panel open, the drag increase is minimal (with a claimed 1-watt drag increase at 50 km/h). But this helmet isn’t just about heat regulation and aerodynamics, your comfort and safety are of course key characteristics too.  WG11 Safety Test The Wasabi exceeds stringent WG11 testing protocols. This series of scientific-based protocols focus on protection from rotational impact forces, measuring rotational kinematics from both oblique and normal impacts. With these safety protocols adhered to, you can be sure this helmet has you covered should you be unfortunate enough to fall from your bike. Naturally Comfortable Inside the helmet, you’ll find pads made with merino wool. These pads are excellent at regulating temperature and wicking away moisture, boosting comfort whatever the weather. And with natural bacterial resistance, itchy scalps and nasty smells are prevented.  Kask Octo-Fit The Wasabi uses Kask’s super-adjustable Octo-Fit system for a perfect fit every time. A rubberised Micro-Dial adjuster provides easy adjustment with a quick twist. Meanwhile, the floating cradle features contact points and supports designed to oscillate freely through 180°, allowing a secure fit on any shaped head. The Skeletal Brackets of the cradle have been engineered and refined to provide the best fit and support while being as light as possible too.

Blue/Red / S 50-56

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