100% Hydromatic Waterproof Glove - Handschuhe
100% Hydromatic Waterproof Glove – Handschuhe
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100% Hydromatic Waterproof Glove – Handschuhe

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Even as the weather begins to build towards summer highs, Mother Nature can still be an unpredictable beast. Keep her at bay with the 100% Hydromatic Waterproof Gloves. They are perfect for rides on days when storm clouds can suddenly appear and could drench you at any moment. The waterproof insert offers complete protection from the elements without restricting breathability should things begin to heat up, and further waterproofing is provided by the pull-on cuff for extended coverage. Perhaps even better is the silicone printing in the palm, which increases its grip as things begin to get a little wet and wild. Additional breathability is provided by the laminated mock-mesh on the back of the hand, while conductive thread across the thumb and index finger helps keep you in touch with smart devices. And for mountain bike rides that stretch into the fading light of evening, the gloves feature reflective graphics for improved safety in low light conditions. This really is the complete full-fingered package for any time of the year.  

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