Alpinestars Aspen Pro Gloves - Handschuhe
Alpinestars Aspen Pro Gloves – Handschuhe
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Alpinestars Aspen Pro Gloves – Handschuhe

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Made from a mix of durable and comfortable fabrics, the Aspen Pro Gloves ensure the very best bike control when the terrain gets rough. Let’s start at the extraordinary construction of the palm: synthetic suede feels supple and gentle against the skin while remaining highly durable against abrasions. Perforations allow for lots of ventilated air to flow when the heat rises and allows a quick escape for sweat as you build up body-heat.  Elsewhere in the Pro edition of the Aspen Gloves, there’s great protection for sensitive knuckles thanks to soft but tough EVA compound foam, as well as around the back of the fingers for extra comfort that never feels bulky. An extended stretch gusset gives you better dexterity around the thumb for a natural grip. A conductive thread runs through the fingertips allows you to use smartphones and other touchscreen devices without removing your gloves, and a hook-and-loop closure at the wrist always ensures you find the perfect fit.

Black Anthracite Blu / S

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