Alpinestars Cascade Pro Gloves – Handschuhe
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Alpinestars Cascade Pro Gloves – Handschuhe

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Featuring a palm made from a single piece of synthetic suede, the Alpinestars Cascade Pro Gloves live up to their name and help you raise your game at the handlebar. By avoiding the use of stitching in this key area, the sensitivity in your hand in nothing short of extraordinary, while also providing improved grip to sensational levels. Synthetic suede also increases durability, and so rather helpfully it also features on the thumb and landing zone, while the stretchy neoprene on the back of the hand adds stretchiness for extra comfort. But while comfort comes first with the Cascade, essential protection also ranks high here. On the top of the gloves, you’ll find TPR inserts over the knuckles and fingers to keep abrasions at bay without affecting flexibility, while the pre-curved fingers also aids this, keeping fatigue at bay too. The fit at the wrist is exceptional thanks to an adjustable hook-and-loop closure, stretch inserts in the palm and thumb allows for improved movement at the levers, and conductive thread within the fingertips allows you to use smart devices without removing your gloves. What more could you ask for?

Black Teal / XXL

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