Arena Earth Texture Jammer – Jammer Badehosen

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Delivering a streamlined fit from mid-waist to just above the knee, the Arena Earth Texture Jammers are perfect for intensive swimming and training with excellent hydrodynamic performance. Front lining provides added comfort and modesty while the internal drawstring waist gives a secure adjustable fit. Designed with MaxLife fabric technology, these jammers offer maximum resistance to chlorinated water for long-lasting durability and shape retention. Plus they are quick to dry and feature built-in UV 50+ protection. Care Instructions Rinse immediately after use, in non-chlorinated water. Do not leave the wet swimsuit in a bag or other container for a long time. Do not expose the wet swimsuit in a bag or other container to direct sunlight. Wash with detergents suitable for delicate clothes. Air-dry away from heat sources. Follow the washing instructions given on your product label. The label provides useful symbols giving information on how to take the best care of it. Hand wash only. Do not dry clean. Do not bleach. Do not machine dry. Do not iron.

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