Black Sheep Cycling Women's Essentials Team 2.0 Bib Shorts - Trägershorts
Black Sheep Cycling Women’s Essentials Team 2.0 Bib Shorts – Trägershorts
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Black Sheep Cycling Women’s Essentials Team 2.0 Bib Shorts – Trägershorts

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The everyday gender-specific short you’ll love to wear whatever the cycling you have planned. The Women’s Essentials TEAM Bib Shorts make use of body-hugging CorePower fabric to give a beautifully snug but flexible fit. Muscles are supported to help push back fatigue while you’ll still enjoy easy freedom of movement for both pedalling and moving about your bike.  The lightweight, breathable construction of the bib and brace straps minimise unwanted movement and bunching while maintaining airflow through your upper body. The Black Sheep Cycling signature BTB (between the breast) Strapping System takes the strain off your shoulder to achieve ultimate comfort for riding all day. Moving to the legs, the 45mm BSC embroidered low profile cuff keeps the shorts nicely in place while minimising pressure across the thighs.  BSC Women’s High-Density Pad by Greenlime® Black Sheep Cycling have worked with their Europen partners to introduce an improved high-density chamois inside the Women’s Essential 2.0s. The Women’s specific BSC High-Density Pad by Greenlime® utilises both Foam Carving and 3D Silver Cell technology to give unrivalled support on the saddle and all-day freshness.  High-density foam is used in areas you need support and damping, relieving pressure, while removed in areas it’s not needed, freeing up extra flexibility.  Whether you are on the hoods, or in the drops, or on the bars, you will be cushioned in exactly the areas you need it. Essentials Team Collection Essentials. It’s Black Sheep Cycling’s every day, everywhere, everyone range. The Essentials range is the embodiment of the brand ethos. Garments designed for everyone, heroing cyclists, regardless of who they are, where they are, and how they ride. Black Sheep was born from an implosion of pattern and colour. But at their core, it’s a brand all about embracing people and the experiences we all share on the bike.

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