Campagnolo Potenza HO Power Shift Ergo Schalthebel (11-fach) – Schwarz
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Campagnolo Potenza HO Power Shift Ergo Schalthebel (11-fach) – Schwarz

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Campagnolo Potenza HO Power Shiift 11 Speed ErgosThe Campagnolo Potenza HO Power Shift 11Sp Ergos levers provide exceptional, reliable braking power combined with precise and responsive shifting.The level of speed and performance that is offered by many shifters and brakes on the market means nothing if the rider is not in control. The Potenza Hydraulically Optimised (HO) levers feature grip and control that is identical to the cockpit standards that professional riders respect and demand.Comfortable and Consistent GripThe shifting controls and braking mechanisms have undergone in-depth studies to find the sweet spot for comfort and consistent grip over a long-distance ride. The ergonomic design also focus’ on the natural motion of the human hand, meaning you can access the brake levers from above or below the hoods for exceptional braking power. Likewise, the up-shift and down-shift levers move in motion with how the human hand functions, making the whole process of using an Ergopower lever a pleasing and effortless experience.Technologies:Ultra-Shift: Ultra-Shift technology makes it possible to simultaneously shift 5 gears down the cassette and 3 gears up by simply holding down the shift lever.Hydraulically Optimised (HO): Hydraulically Optimised technology ensures that there is perfect compatibility with all Campagnolo HO drivetrain components.Ergopower:Ergonomics: The shape of the shifter body conforms to your hands perfectly. The body of the control reproduces exactly the asymmetry of the human hand. This increases the contact with the palm and allows for various riding positions, ensuring maximum safety in all riding positions.Comfort: The shape allows you to easily reach the levers, regardless of your riding position and the size of your hands. The studies conducted on the position of cyclists’ hands, showed three different steering positions depending on the course and the steering style. Based on these studies, Campagnolo created the exclusive form of the Ergopower controls that enable you to steer with safety and comfort. In addition, the special insert for large hands increases the distance of the levers by 8%, creating sufficient space for braking and shifting, always ensuring with maximum safety. The geometry of the hoods combined with a material of variable density that is stretchy, hypoallergenic and absorbs vibrations, enables you to stay in the saddle for many hours without hand fatigue.Effective Braking: The lever’s shape lets you squeeze the brakes with greater power. It allows you to brake powerfully and promptly even when the hands are gripping high up around the hoods.FeaturesMaterial: AluminiumShifter Type: Ultra-Shift mechanicalBrake Type: Rim brake caliper or cable disc brakeDrivetrain Speed: 11-speedLever Ergonomics: ErgopowerFully compatible with HO (hydraulically optimised) chainsets and derailleursWeight: 370gBy Campagnolo Bike Accessories from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

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