Fizik Aliante R5 Open Saddle - Sättel
Fizik Aliante R5 Open Saddle – Sättel
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Fizik Aliante R5 Open Saddle – Sättel

80,99 inkl. MwSt.

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It features a brilliant microtex cover construction which is more than capable of handling all the abuse that comes with long journeys around the city and into the countryside. Coming equipped with a carbon-reinforced nylon shell construction, it gives you a platform which provides outstanding durability and pedalling efficiency. Open Relief Channel Saddle Carrying you across mixed terrain conditions with power and poise, this fantastic version is kitted out with an open central relief channel. This cut-out section prevents discomfort and numbness around your sensitive areas, so you can enjoy going the extra mile without worry about suffering from fatigue. Topped off with Comfort Core technology foam, this stunning example is a perfect choice of upgrade for riders who want long-lasting comfort and flexibility while on the move.

Schwarz / Regular

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