Fizik Terra Alpaca X5 Saddle with Tool Kit – Schwarz – 145mm
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Fizik Terra Alpaca X5 Saddle with Tool Kit – Schwarz – 145mm

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Fizik Terra Alpaca X5 Saddle with Tool KitProviding excellent toughness, durability and an overall lower weight, this mountain bike (MTB) saddle features a high-quality carbon reinforced nylon shell that’s engineered for the demands of modern trail-riding. Perfectly suited for full-suspension trail bikes, it’s designed to feel right whether your dropper post is extended for pedalling or dropped for descents. Its 145mm wide profile ensures that you stay supported when pedalling, while also making it easy to move around on. Fizik has also equipped this model with a gradual transition from the nose section to the wings, which allows constant fore and aft position changes, while the slightly waved tail discreetly supports your lower back.Rugged conditions and rowdy riding require solid solutions, that’s why all Alpaca saddles feature Fizik’s Mobius closed-loop rail design, for added strength and weight distribution, making snapped saddle rails on heavy landings a thing of the past. This version’s rails are also constructed from S-Alloy, which delivers a strong and secure hold to your seatpost, as you conquer your way from trail to trail.Comfortable and Durable MTB SaddleFizik wanted this saddle to help you explore the toughest trails. So, the nose is wide and flat, offering a solid platform to push against as you shimmy forward to maintain traction when tackling steep climbs. For added comfort, Fizik has added an ergonomic indent that relieves soft tissue pressure without interfering with baggy riding shorts. Once you’ve conquered the climbs and you head downhill with your dropper post lowered, your saddle becomes a control device. Terra Alpaca’s rounded contours allow smooth and fast movement of your legs around the saddle to help you stay on course. And flexible edges along the wings and rear end protect your inner legs from bruising, however rough the ride.Fully Integrated CarrierFizik developed a specific tool carrier that is fully integrated and removable for this saddle. The carrier has been designed to fit perfectly below the shape of the Alpaca, making it an ideal companion without impact the overall aesthetic of the bike.12 Feature Multi-ToolThis model’s carrier includes a 12 feature multi-tool with an inflator head and two removable 16g CO2 cartridge housings. The carrier tucks on the bottom of the saddle and is secured with a fixing screw. Once installed, the carrier completely integrates with the silhouette of the saddle and doesn’t get in the way while riding.Features: Shell Material: Carbon reinforced Nylon Rails Material: S-Alloy Mobius Use: MTB Dimensions: 145x248mm Rails Size: 7x7mm Height at 75mm Width: 40mm Length from Nose to 75mm Width: 129.5mm Gender: Unisex Included: 12 feature multi-tool kit and fully integrated carrier Weight: 238gTechnologies: The Alpaca Tool Carrier Includes: x2 removable 16g CO2 housings, 12-feature Multitool with: Hex Wrenches – 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm, Screwdrivers – Phillips/Flat head, Torx – T-25/T-10, Inflator Head and x2 reusable zip ties. Alpaca: Smooth-edged shape that combines support and riding control for dropper post use. X5: A combination of a ride-compliant carbon-reinforced nylon shell and an S-Alloy rail. Mobius Rail: Closed-loop design for added strength and weight distribution. Co-injected elastic wing panels that flex upon impact.Manufacturer’s Part Number: F206URNA13814 Black 145mmBuy Fizik Components from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

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