Fizik Terra Argo X5 Saddle with Alloy Rails – Schwarz – 160mm
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Fizik Terra Argo X5 Saddle with Alloy Rails – Schwarz – 160mm

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Fizik Terra Argo X5 Saddle with Alloy RailsFeaturing a high-quality carbon fibre reinforced nylon shell, this versatile gravel bike saddle offers fantastic durability as well as being engineered to offer a certain degree of flexibility. Its controlled elasticity absorbs road chatter and vibrations, so you can benefit from increased comfort on long-distance rides across unpaved road conditions. Fizik has also kitted it out with S-Alloy rails that use a Mobius closed-loop design for additional strength and weight distribution on your ride. Coming kitted out with a short-nose design, generous ischial support and Type 2 foam padding, this is a great choice of upgrade for improved support and stability wherever your next gravel adventure takes you.Greater StabilityWhere a traditional saddle shape encourages riders to shift their position frequently for better leverage, the Argo puts riders in a more planted position, making for greater stability and better weight distribution. The Terra Argo’s short length allows riders to sit further forward without placing undue pressure on sensitive areas. It also features an ergonomic cut-out that was developed using detailed pressure analysis and input from medical experts.Stability and ResponsivenessTo better support the Terra Argo’s flexible shell, Fizik used its closed-loop Mobius rail system for increased structural stability and responsiveness. The Terra Argo features a waved profile to provide the lower-back support necessary for long rides and to help riders hold their position while climbing on loose terrain. The same goes for the dropped-nose design which allows riders to rotate their pelvis while pushing forward on the nose for better traction and power transfer.Long Distance ComfortThe padding is made from Fizik’s proprietary Type-2 foam formulation, slightly thicker around the ischial sit bones area to support a more upright riding posture. The cushioning is slightly softer and more progressive than the type used on the brand’s racing saddles, providing more long-distance comfort.Features: Shell Material: Carbon Fibre reinforced Nylon Rails Material: S-Alloy Mobius Padding Material: Type 2 Foam Use: Gravel Dimensions: 150mm Option: 150x270mm; 160mm Option: 160x270mm Rails Material: 7x7mm Height at 75mm Width: 47mm Length from Nose to 75mm Width: 113mm Weight: 150mm Option: 250g; 160mm Option: 257gTechnologies: Argo: Versatile short-nose saddle that encourages stability and relieves pressure on sensitive areas. X5: A combination of a ride complaint carbon fibre reinforced nylon shell and an S-Alloy rail. Mobius Rail: Closed-loop design for added strength and weight distribution. Wingflex: The shell’s side edges flex and adapt to a rider’s inner leg movement. Type 2 Foam: Progressive cushioning, with a lower compression modulus. Terra: All-terrain series designed to take you beyond your boundaries. Concepts: This is a product of the Fizik Concepts programme, a cross-disciplinary collaboration of leading industry experts and academics carrying out research and analysis on technology, design, physiology and bike-fitting in search of ways to improve cycling performance.Manufacturer’s Part Numbers: 70E2SA13A22 Black 160mm 70E1SA13A22 Black 150mmBuy Fizik Components from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

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