Goodyear Peak Ultimate Complete Tubeless MTB Tyre - Reifen
Goodyear Peak Ultimate Complete Tubeless MTB Tyre – Reifen
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Goodyear Peak Ultimate Complete Tubeless MTB Tyre – Reifen

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This MTB tyre features a high-quality Dynamic:A/T compound that’s specifically designed for conquering all terrain conditions, thanks to its excellent rolling efficiency and high levels of grip. Goodyear has also equipped this model with a cross country (XC) inspired tread design that uses its low profile damped and siped knobs to deliver fantastic speed. Another highlight is its M:Wall sidewall protection, which provides abrasion and cut resistance as you tackle the more demanding of terrains on your ride. One final highlight is its Tubeless Complete design that features all the benefits of a tubeless-ready (TLR) tyre but will also maintain better inflation pressure than a traditional TLR tyre. As a result, you’ll enjoy tubeless benefits such as the ability to run lower tyre pressures, increased comfort and stability as well as fewer risks of flats or punctures. Climb higher, descend faster, explore further. This tyre excels in every department: weight, rolling efficiency, durability, traction and ease of use. It’s just as likely to be seen conquering long alpine climbs as it is taming the inevitable descent that follows. When it’s time to drop the hammer and crush some climbs, Peak is mountain biking’s speed demon. A round profile, closely-spaced tread, and supple casing contribute to Peak’s low rolling resistance, while ample traction and braking performance are delivered thanks to siping on every knob and its multi-dimensional Dynamic:A/T compound. Sold individually. Technologies: Tubeless Complete: Goodyear Bicycle Tyres proprietary design that features all the benefits of a Tubeless Ready (TLR) tyre but will also better maintain inflation pressure than a traditional TLR tyre. Dynamic:A/T Compound: The All-Terrain provides excellent rolling efficiency while maintaining a high-level grip to minimise power transfer loss. M:Wall: Durable Mono fabric found in the sidewall of the tyre and used where cut and abrasion are paramount.  Manufacturer’s Part Numbers: GR.001.57.584.V003.R Black/Black 2.25″ 27.5″ GR.001.57.584.V006.R Black/Brown 2.25″ 27.5″ GR.001.57.622.V003.R Black/Black 2.25″ 29″ GR.001.57.622.V006.R Black/Brown 2.25″ 29″ GR.001.61.622.V003.R Black/Black 2.4″ 29″  GR.001.61.622.V006.R Black/Brown 2.4″ 29″

Schwarz/Schwarz / 2.25″ 29″

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