12 Srv Can - 780g
GU Roctane Drink, 12 Srv Can – 780g
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GU Roctane Drink, 12 Srv Can – 780g

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GU Roctane Drink, 12 Srv CanMaintain hydration and energy levels during your harshest workouts with GU’s Roctane Drink which utilises maltodextrin, fructose, amino acid taurine and sodium. The drink aids hydration by replenishing your sodium levels which is the key electrolyte lost during sweating.  Meanwhile, amino acid taurine improves cardiac output and promotes the formation of the intramuscular bugger carnosine. To keep you energised the drink also contains maltodextrin and fructose to maximise carbohydrate absorption and helps diminish stomach distress.Features250 calories per servingMaltodextrin and fructoseDiminishing stomach distressReplenishes sodiumMaintains water balanceAmino acid taurineAcid beta-alanineBuy GU Endurance from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

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