Michelin DH Mud TLR Tyre - Reifen
Michelin DH Mud TLR Tyre – Reifen
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Michelin DH Mud TLR Tyre – Reifen

47,99 inkl. MwSt.

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This tyre features an aggressive tread pattern with a tall spike design, which delivers incredible traction and maximum braking grip in all weather conditions. Michelin has also kitted out this model with a Magi-X DH compound for exceptional cornering grip in all conditions and temperatures, while its DownHill Shield allows you to excel even in wet riding conditions. Technologies: More Performance: It stands out on the muddy grounds thanks to its sculpture and ensures maximum pleasure on soft grounds. More Grip: Its DH Mud tread design, its Magi-X DH rubber compound, its DownHill Shield casing and its cuttable blocks technology that allows you to excel in all wet conditions.

Schwarz / 2.4″ 27.5″

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