Newton Running Shoes Women's Kismet 7 Running Shoes - Laufschuhe
Newton Running Shoes Women’s Kismet 7 Running Shoes – Laufschuhe
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Newton Running Shoes Women’s Kismet 7 Running Shoes – Laufschuhe

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  The gender tuned Newton Running Women’s Kismet 7 is the best of all worlds for runners who want a stable ride without being weighed down. The Kismet 7 now features the brands most cushioned insole and a 3D printed upper to enhance training versatility, performance, and comfort. Made of recycled and biodegradable materials, this shoe is made specifically for today’s run with tomorrow’s planet in mind. Action/Reaction™- Technology The magic powering Newton Running shoes is the revolutionary full foot Action/Reaction Technology system. The lugs on the sole compress and rebound as you move through each stride, creating a responsive, trampoline-like cushioning system that provides greater impact absorption, quicker bounce-back, and less energy loss than traditional foam-core running shoes. Advanced Innovation Made from recycled material, engineered for the nuances of each gender’s biomechanics, and powered with the only truly active technology in athletic footwear Newton Running shoes have never felt better on the foot, or on the run.  Elevated Durable Fit Featuring substantial fit upgrades to keep you comfortable and at your best. Newton Running’s gender tuning customises the fit specifically to you while the updated lining and lace configurations enhance security and eliminate potential friction. Finally, HyLyte insoles take the spring in your step to the next level.

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