OTE Beta Alanine (250 g) – n/a
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OTE Beta Alanine (250 g) – n/a

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Beta Alanine (250g)Beta-Alanine has been widely proven as able to increase muscle carnosine to act as a buffer for intense training and activity. This delays fatigue during endurance activity, allowing you to train harder.Beta Alanine is ideal for those involved in explosive sports such as sprinting and weight training, and has been shown to help increase muscle carnosine levels and therefore acting as a buffer for intense training.Features:Pure Beta AlanineIncreases muscular strength and power outputIncreases aerobic and anaerobic enduranceDelays muscle fatigueIncreases muscle carnosineIncreases total work output100% premium gradeFree from artificial sweetners, colours and preservativesBuy OTE Nutrition and Training from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

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