Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB Mixed Compound Tyre - Reifen
Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB Mixed Compound Tyre – Reifen
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Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB Mixed Compound Tyre – Reifen

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This versatile E-MTB tyre features a SmartGRIP+ compound that’s engineered to handle the increased speed, torque and power that’s produced by electric bike motor systems. Pirelli has also kitted out this version with its patented HyperWALL sidewall technology, which provides fantastic handling as well as pinch flat resistance as you weave from trail to trail. This makes it an ideal choice of upgrade for tackling mixed terrain conditions. E-MTB Tyre for Mixed Terrain The tread pattern of the Scorpion E-MTB M is optimised to complement the properties of the rubber compound to offer uncompromising performance in variable conditions over differing terrain. The additional “bridges” help support the knobs and improve mud shedding in wet conditions. The most versatile tyre in the Scorpion E-MTB range: covering a wide range of uses while offering maximum support. Its medium-profile tread pattern allows for riding quickly and confidently over a variety of terrains. SmartGRIP+ Compound Pirelli added Lignin to its E-MTB specific compound called SmartGRIP+. Lignin is a naturally sourced chemical component that enhances performance in light of the unique speed and torque features associated with electric motors of modern E-MTBikes. The rider benefits from enhanced tire performance, even under the higher speed and torque of E-MTB riding. The Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB Mixed Compound Tyre with HyperWALL and SmartGRIP+ technologies is the best choice for trail riding where terrain can vary but speed is still the key factor. Technologies: Sidewall Technology: HyperWALL is a patented construction that increases even further handling and pinch flat resistance. Key in off-road applications, especially in the most demanding ones such as gravity and eMTB, the integrity of the bead area and the stability of the sidewalls are a founding pillar for the overall tyre performance. Manufacturer’s Part Numbers: 3873000 Black 2.6″ 29″ 3834400 Black 2.6″ 27.5″

Schwarz / 2.6″ 27.5″

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