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Safety First Mountain biking is tough on both the body and your equipment. And none more so when you’re unfortunate enough to crash. However, the Otocon Helmet is here to keep you safer when it all goes a bit wrong.  Reliable head protection comes via the Otocon’s dual-material construction. In the event of an impact to the head, a combination of EPP foam lower and EPS foam upper provide the perfect degree of energy dissipation, helping prevent injury. A tough and durable outer shell works with moulded Aramid bridges to enhance structural strength, integrity and improve penetration protection. This is one tough helmet.  Peak Performance While the peak is great for keeping out sun and rain, it’s also safe, breaking away from the helmet body in a crash, and reducing damaging forces upon your neck. Meanwhile, the chin guard features a removable grill, offering protection from mud and dirt in winter but easily removed to boost airflow in warmer weather or improve cooling when on a tough enduro transition stage.  Cool Comfort Be it downhill runs or a tough enduro, it’s all very well feeling protected but you certainly don’t want that to compromise comfort. Thanks to the excellent ventilation, with internal air channels to maximise airflow, you’ll enjoy all-day mountain bike riding comfort. Race Lock Integrated Adjuster A secure helmet is a safer helmet. And with the Race Lock Integrated Adjuster, you can dial in the perfect fit quickly and easily. This keeps the helmet firmly in place over all types of terrain and rock-solid in the event of a crash. 

Uranium Black Matt / XS

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