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If you’re seeking mountain biking trousers that won’t hold you back but can also take the rough and tumble of off-road riding, the Rhythm Resistance Pants are ideal. Made with lightweight stretch fabric blended with durable Cordura®, they offer plenty of easy movement and yet they’ll keep you covered as you brush past trailside branches and bushes. POC has also used ripstop fabric across the knees, designed to cope with the inevitable falls when riding slippery trails. And should more demanding trails demand extra protection, the pants are also compatible with POC’s VPD knee pads. As you navigate the adrenalin-rush of downhills and the tests of stiff uphills you’ll find the ride-ready fit lets you pedal and move easily. Tapered legs minimise excess fabric and prevent interference when pedalling, particularly around the ankles. There’s also a seam-free gusset, removing irritation when in the saddle while the elasticated waist gives a comfortable, secure fit.       

Uranium Black / L

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