Prime Doyenne Endurance Saddle - Sättel
Prime Doyenne Endurance Saddle – Sättel
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Prime Doyenne Endurance Saddle – Sättel

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Developed to keep you supported over long distances and many hours on your road bike, this endurance-focused saddle comes equipped with a waterproof microfibre cover for reliable performance in all-weather conditions. Prime has also kitted out this model with a nylon fibre base, which ensures maximum stiffness and strength without adding any unnecessary excess grams to your ride. Another highlight is its titanium alloy rails which provide a secure hold to your seatpost, while its chromium nitride (CrN) coating delivers additional wear resistance and protection against corrosion. Endurance Road Saddle with Titanium Alloy Rails The Prime Doyenne Endurance saddle features titanium alloy rails coated with chromium nitride (CrN). These offer exceptional tensile strength, stiffness and corrosion resistance at an extremely low weight. The reduced weight helps you conserve energy as you climb and accelerate, and ultimately saves crucial seconds on your time. Crn/Ti rails are also highly resistant to flexing and deforming. This makes them far less likely to bend or creak as you ride. The seat rails also feature measurement markers, which help you adjust the fore/aft position of your saddle accurately to achieve an efficient and ergonomic pedalling stance. Prime Saddle Integration (PSI) PSI allows you to clip PSI accessories into the saddle base to allow for sleek integration.

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