Puori O3L Ultra Pure Liquid Fischöl (150 ml) – n/a
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Puori O3L Ultra Pure Liquid Fischöl (150 ml) – n/a

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O3L – Ultra Pure Liquid Fish Oil (150ml)Support your diet with puori fish oil, get your daily does of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in a liquid form with a frech lemon taste. Features:Awarded 5/5 starts by The International Fish Oil Standards Program for freshness, stability and purityCertified by Friends of the Sea for sustainable fishing practicesNo fishy taste or smellHigh concentration of natural triglycerides in a 5:2 ratio of EPA/DHAOmega-3 fatty acids contribute to the maintenance of normal function as well as normal brain functionGood Manufacturing Practice certifiedNo fish taste or fish burps, but a great fresh taste of lemon2081mg Omega-3 (EPA 1280mg & DHA 540mg)Formulated with MCT (Coconut oil), Rosemary extract and vitamin E – an innovative way to keep the fish oil fresh and stableCheckout the freshness of your O3L by using the batch number on the bottle (IFOS website)5 out of 5 stars for cleaness and freshnessYour body on fish oilYou’ve probably heard that you need more omega-3s, but you may not realise just how important they are. They help your body maintain normal heart function as well as normal brain function and vision. If you are young and growing or starting to feel your age, Puori Liquid O3 can help support a healthy body. Quality sourcedPuori Liquid O3 is sourced exclusively from wild anchovies, responsibly caught in the south Pacific Ocean. Since these fish are low on the food chain they don’t accumulate toxins and heavy metals like larger fish such as cod, salmon and tuna. Puori are not one to brag but they are consistently awarded 5/5 stars from IFOS for freshness, stability and purity.No fish tasteO3 Liquid contains omega-3 fatty acids blended with medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and potent antioxidants from rosemary to keep the oil stable and fresh. It has a fresh taste of citrus. How should you take it? Sip it off a spoon, mix with a smoothie or even pour it over a salad as a dressing. The Puori differencePure origins are not always easy to come by — it’s faster and cheaper to leave fish oil in ethyl ester form after it has been purified. Puori take the extra time to get it back to natural triglycerides so that your body can use the omega-3s faster and without side effects like the dreaded fish burps.One does of Puori O3 is as much omega (2000mg) as: Wild Salmon 99g, Farmed Salmon 80g, Anchovies 135g, Mackerel 75g, Pacific cod 905g.Buy puori Nutrition & Training from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

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