Rotor Q Rings Shimano Outer Chainring - Kettenblätter
Rotor Q Rings Shimano Outer Chainring – Kettenblätter
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Rotor Q Rings Shimano Outer Chainring – Kettenblätter

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This Rotor Q Rings Shimano Outer Chainring is developed for use with Rotor ALDHU cranks or Shimano four-bolt cranks. Q Rings allow us to take better advantage of the natural way we apply force during the pedal stroke, while the fixed diameter of round chainrings doesn’t provide the same possibility. Q Rings are Rotor’s patented oval chainrings designed to increase the performance of cyclists by reducing the impact of dead spots in the pedal rotation. Q Rings become larger around the strong zones and smaller around the weak zones. Therefore time spent in the strong zones is longer, while time spent in the weak zones is shorter. Everyone’s pedalling style is different, so weak and strong zones vary by a number of degrees from person to person. The ability to adjust the position of chainring orientation to the crank via OCP (Optimum Chainring Position) is the key to fitting each unique user’s needs. Compatibility with Shimano Rotor has been analysing human performance on bicycles and pioneering chainrings make a visible upgrade to your bicycle’s drivetrain. The brand created its range of compatible chainrings, so you can enjoy all the benefits of Rotor’s expert design and engineering with your existing crank set-up. Technologies: – Maximum efficiency in transmission of power in your pedal rotation. – Optimised tooth profiling for fast and precise shifting experience. – Machine CNC’d from ultralight aeronautic-grade aluminium.

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