SmartShake Slim (500ml) - Shaker
SmartShake Slim (500ml) – Shaker
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SmartShake Slim (500ml) – Shaker

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The Slim SmartShake is compact and light so it’s very easy to throw in your kit bag when heading out to train and with a snap-on strainer there are no loose parts to go missing. The shaker is made from BPA and DEHP free plastic so you can be confident you’re just getting your protein, energy or hydration drink with no nasty additions leaching in.  The 100% leak-proof design also means it’s safe to store in the freezer or let it roll about in your bag without fear of soaking everywhere. You can also use it to heat up contents in the microwave and once you’re finished it’s perfectly fine to pop it in a dishwasher. With three compartments it means you can store several servings of your nutritional supplements and also your energy or protein powders – with the SmartShake you’ll never be caught without your refuelling and supplements needs.

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