Speedo Eco Pullbuoy - Pullbuoys
Speedo Eco Pullbuoy – Pullbuoys
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Speedo Eco Pullbuoy – Pullbuoys

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Aiding with buoyancy, the ECO Pullbuoy helps isolate the upper body so that you can focus on your arm pull and catch technique while building your upper body strength and power. The Pullbuoy has been specially engineered with a more rounded and ergonomic design that improves comfort during long training sessions.   The ECO Pullbuoy is made using algae cleared from freshwater ecosystems when detrimental to the environment. Therefore, with each Pullbuoy manufactured, 50 bottles of clean water and 31M³ of clean air have been returned to the environment in the process – helping to restore balance to the ecosystem.

Nordic Teal / Atomic / ONESZ

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