Sportful Women’s Classic Bib Shorts – Trägershorts

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High-quality 210 g/m2 Lycra® form the heart of the Women’s Classic Bib Shorts. This highly flexible fabric lets you pedal smoothly without restrictions while also providing comfortable compression in order to support your muscles. Four-needle stitching is used throughout, delivering durable, smooth and flexible joins between the shorts’ panels.  The upper bib section is made with an open mesh back, allowing for both excellent breathability and plenty of ventilation. Bib straps are also made in mesh, providing comfortable support. Meanwhile, at the ends of the legs, directly applied silicone dots maintain excellent grip without compromising stretch.  Women’s Bodyfit Pro MD Seat Pad An evolution of the highly-regarded Women’s Bodyfit Pro pad, the Women’s Bodyfit Pro MD Seat Pad has been designed to offer comfortable support on the saddle for all cycling disciplines. Weight and bulk are kept to a minimum with a dual-density expanded foam structure aimed at easing pressure in key contact points.  A soft fabric cover feels great against the skin while 3mm diameter micro-perforations enable excellent ventilation and breathability. 

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