Ultimate Direction Fastpack 25 Backpack – Rucksäcke
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Ultimate Direction Fastpack 25 Backpack – Rucksäcke

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Storage The pack allows you to carry plenty of kit with a large variety of storage solutions. Integrated into the straps of the bag are secure pockets for quick-grab essentials such as a water bottle, your phone, maps, sunglasses or energy gels. The main compartment comes with a roll top closure allowing you to stuff it to the brim. Across the bag are daisy chains for securing additional kit such as helmets, water bottles and more. Stability To ensure that the Fastpack is ready for all kinds or action it comes with an extremely stabilised design that doesn’t move around and unbalance you. The pack therefore comes with two sternum straps that can be fully adjusted with a sliding system so that you can find the best fit for your specific body shape. Comfort The back panel of the Fastpack comes with Ultimate Direction’s, patented, InfiKnit mesh design. Unlike other backpacks that come with mesh lined back panels the Fastpack comes with a mesh lining that is seamless. Without any break-ups or separators of any kind the mesh lining runs all over the back of the bag and all over the straps. This provides an all-over level of cushioned, ventilated, feather-soft comfort. Sizing S: 64 – 102cm M: 76 – 122cm

Graphite / Small/Medium

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