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All set for cruising around the city as well as attacking the trails, this brilliant saddle was originally designed to suit ladies geometry. Due to its popular success and increased comfort, it is also appreciated by male riders which makes it one of the most versatile components available from WTB. Coming equipped with a hard-wearing microfibre cover construction. this stunning model is more than capable of handling the pressure from long-distance rides with multiple changes to your riding position. Titanium Railed Saddle Whether you’re commuting to work or planning your next off-road adventure, this superb version is equipped to give you maximum performance on every journey. It combines a Flex-Tuned shell with rock-solid titanium rails for the ultimate strength to weight ratio. As a result, you’ll benefit from its secure hold and phenomenal stiffness when climbing and when it’s time to descend, you’ll not have to worry about any unnecessary weight holding you back.

Schwarz / Medium

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