WTB Nano TCS Light Fast Roll Tyre – Tan Sidewall – Reifen

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The bold tread pattern of this tyre has been designed to eject gravel and dirt as your ride, while also keeping rolling resistance low for a super-fast acceleration power. Longer, staggered knobs keep grip for extra stability and outer-edge bumps give you an advantage when it comes to cornering. Plus, the tubeless compatibility ensures an extra tractional advantage for wide, low profile rims. Nano is built for speed. The nearly uninterrupted centerline provides swift efficiency on hardpack terrain while staggered outer knobs allow you to stay on the gas while hammering up chunky climbs or hanging on through loose gravel corners. The high-volume 40mm casing smooths out jarring gravel while also reducing drag and rolling resistance. This makes for an all-out gravel destroyer that still appeases those clamoring for a truly big cyclocross tyre. Everybody’s irrefutable favourite. WTB tanwall tyres blend retroesque looks with modern technology to create an iconic look that has become synonymous with high-performance gravel. Looks aside, gram counters may choose our tan tyres because the compounds used to make them are slightly lighter than those used to manufacture black sidewalls.

/ Black 700c 40mm

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