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This versatile mountain bike (MTB) tyre features a Dual DNA compound, which offers excellent strength and durability as you tackle the more demanding of terrain conditions. Its design blends together 50a durometer softer side knobs with a 60a durometer centre tread, so riders can enjoy the best of both. With its two rubber compounds, the centreline tread features a firmer rubber compound that rolls fast and resists tread wear, while the side knobs are composed of softer, slower-rebounding rubber to improve control and grip. This makes it a great option for both XC racing as well as MTB trail riding disciplines thanks to its lightweight and fast-rolling construction. Trail Ready MTB Tyre Developed for maximum performance during unpredictable racing and terrain conditions, this MTB tyre features multidirectional siping that provides increased traction whether you’re accelerating, braking or cornering. Coming complete with well-spaced lugs that clear out quickly in wet conditions and a lightweight, rounded casing that conserves energy and feels quick to respond, the WTB Ranger Race Tyre is an ideal choice of upgrade for dominating on hardpack, loose over hard, dirt and even wet terrain conditions. Manufacturer’s Part Numbers: W110-0956 Black 27.5″ 2.2″  W110-0958 Black 29″ 2.0″

Schwarz / 27.5″ 2.25″

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