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The dual position air spring on these forks enables you to quickly shorten their travel by 30mm, for more efficient climbing on long, technical climbs. This means you’ll get to the top of the trails faster, and then you can switch back to full travel for another attack back down again. Additional Features: Axle: 15x110mm Maxle Ultimate Use: Enduro / Gravity Offset: 46mm Manufacturer Reference Code: 160mm: 00.4019.658.011; 180mm: 00.4019.658.009 Please Note: Shock pump or service kit not included Charger Damper: Performance focused, benefits include; No compromise for lockout -The efficiency circuits (Pedal and Lock) sit behind the performance damping, meaning no sacrifice in bump performance for shredding downhill while keeping the ability to maintain pedalling stability for those leg-burning climbs, Rapid Recovery – More control with less energy. Bladder Charged, the extruded bladder design is insanely durable, resists damping change during extended downhills and has virtually zero pressure offset for small bump sensitivity. Trail Tuned, the RCT3 features Open with an adjustable low-speed compression, Pedal and Lock. Dual Position Air: If you want to ride up and walk down, a fork that only does one thing well is great. But, you love epic ascents, technical descents, winding single track and everything in between – so you need a fork that tackles it all. Like the Dual Position Air. It changes your fork’s travel up to 30mm without changing its small bump performance. So, with a simple onboard turn and a click you can switch from climbing like a demon to bombing downhill with confidence. Sag Gradients: Measurement gradients indicating the current sag and travel settings are conveniently located on the upper tubes so that you always know how much travel you are running. You won’t find this anywhere else but RockShox. Boost: Boost is the standard wheel and drivetrain specification that opens the opportunity for improved frame geometry with shorter chainstays, wider and stiffer suspension pivots, a wider range of chainring options, as well as more clearance for bigger tyres and wider, stiffer wheels.

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