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RockShox has equipped these mountain bike (MTB) forks with a Solo Air air spring, which allows you to benefit from their smooth comfort and control as you ride across unpredictable terrain conditions. Giving you freedom, these forks come fitted with external rebound and low speed compression to lock adjustment. This means that you can easily fine-tune their performance to match your riding style as well as the terrain conditions. Coming complete with a stunning finish, these forks look as amazing as they perform on the most challenging of MTB trails. Solo Air Spring Solo Air gives you a plush, predictable ride you can set up in seconds. Motion Control Damping Motion Control damping is seamless, effective, and offers a simple low-speed compression adjustment coupled with a blow-off valve. Boost Axle Spacing Boost is the standard wheel and drivetrain specification that opens the opportunity for improved frame geometry with shorter chain stays, wider and stiffer suspension pivots, wider range of chainring options, as well as more clearance for bigger tires and wider, stiffer wheels. SAG Gradients Measurement gradients indicating the current sag and travel settings are conveniently located on the upper tubes so that you always know how much travel you are running. You won’t find this anywhere else but RockShox. Torque Caps Torque Caps make the bond between hub and fork dropout stronger, with an increased surface area connecting the two. This creates a stronger, stiffer interface, giving you a more responsive front wheel and more control. So you concentrate on the most important connection, the one between your bike and the trail. Bottomless Tokens Bottomless Tokens allow you to easily custom tune your air-spring performance to best match your riding style and suspension preference. Adding the easy-to-install Bottomless Tokens changes the air-spring curve to resist bottom-out after a big hit, giving aggressive riders the power to attack the trail harder. Removing Bottomless Tokens makes the air-spring curve more linear, enhancing suspension feel for certain types of terrain or trail conditions and ensuring riders who are less front-end aggressive benefit from 100% of their fork’s travel.

Schwarz / 27.5″ 100mm

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