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Built purely with winning in mind, these forks come equipped with a super-smooth performing Solo Air spring, which combines with the adjustable Motion Control damper to keep you in control and to maintain your speed over rough, technical terrain. XC Fork with Boost Spacing The SID World Cup’s main weight saver is a 1-piece carbon steerer and crown for ultimate stiffness and responsiveness. When combined with Boost technology, this version of the SID World Cup can run wider tyres that increases traction, stability and grip. The Boost standard uses a wider and stiffer axle to wheel interface, which grants even greater performance. It features compression adjustment for fine-tuning and has been designed to achieve the perfect balance between stiffness, speed and weight. Additional Features: Damper Adjustment: Crown, remote (included) Fork Offset: 51mm Maxle Included: Maxle Stealth Manufacturer’s Part Number: 00.4019.468.015 Please Note: Shock pump or service kit not included Technologies: Solo Air: Solo Air is like a Buddhist monk. Its enlightened design lets you add air to your forks through a single Schrader valve, filling both the positive and negative air spring chambers simultaneously. So they’re always in perfect equilibrium, like Yin and Yang. Giving you a plush, predictable ride you can set up in seconds, with the lightest weight air spring on the market Rapid Recovery: The Rapid Recovery System allows the shock to recover faster between consecutive bumps, letting the wheel track the ground with greater precision. This more active suspension system doesn’t pack up and enables the bike to ride in a higher and softer part of the spring rate. Rapid Recovery gives the rider access to more available wheel travel, bump after bump, to achieve a smoother and more controlled ride Motion Control XX: Motion Control damping is seamless, effective, and offers a simple low-speed compression adjustment coupled with a blow-off valve. The XX Motion Control DNA Damping features Rockox’s XLoc Remote Lockout System, providing a lightweight and highly ergonomic high-speed solution Air Guides: RockShox print Air Guides on all their air-sprung forks. It will help you set up your suspension in seconds instead of minutes and more time on your bike equals more chances to earn King of the Mountain on your favourite trail. Boost: Boost is the standard wheel and drivetrain specification that opens the opportunity for improved frame geometry with shorter chainstays, wider and stiffer suspension pivots, a wider range of chainring options, as well as more clearance for bigger tyres and wider, stiffer wheels. Maxle Stealth: Who knew RockShox could make a thru axle disappear? The updated Maxle Stealth offers a light, low profile alternative to Maxle Lite and Maxle Ultimate

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